Metro Coffee & Wine

711 S Osprey Ave

(941) 365-1800

Coffee House, wine bar

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Metro Coffee & Wine

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Metro Coffee & Wine

Relaxed yet - can we say - elegant environment. World-class coffee, boutique wines, micro-brewed beers complement delicious, casual food. Expect to see everyone from students to millionaire developers, city commissioners, and local celebs bumping elbows & enjoying this welcoming establishment together.

Hours Today, Wednesday: 7A-11P
New Section
Paninis -
Many different paninis offered, incl Chicken w sundried tomato spread, goat cheese Includes side item.
Wraps -
Especially good for box lunches, our wraps are flavorful & delicious. Mayor's is turkey, chipotle mayo, cucumber, bacon & a side salad. Sapporo features beef, asian slaw & apples w/ side salad.
Desserts -
Housemade cheesecakes, bread pudding, Tuxedo Brownie Cake, cookies, biscotti - come stare at our dessert case for a while & you'll come back again and again
Urban Bites -
Smallish items that can become a meal or a shared plate. Includes flatbread pizzas, quesadillas, bacon sate, artisanal cheeseplate (winter only), garlic bread, bean cakes, specialty salads
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